Canigao Island

Enjoy the captivating view, bathe under the warm tropical sun and feel the fine white sand under your feet as you explore the captivating island paradise of Canigao. This beautiful island is located near the municipality of Matalom, Leyte, Philippines.

Canigao Island, being an inhabited place, is almost still in its natural and untouched state. The western and northern parts of the island are protected by law as sanctuaries, keeping the place clean and unspoiled. Truly a great place to relax, to experience and to adore.

The island is composed of spans of fine white sand beaches and clear blue seawater in which various tropical living creatures can be seen. Its vast coral reef is such a great place to explore through snorkeling and diving. In fact, it is one of main attractions in the whole Matalom area. So whether you want to do water activities or just absorb the beauty that the place has to offer, Canigao Island is an amazing place for you to visit.

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How to get to Canigao Island

Going to Canigao, an island paradise in Matalom, Leyte, is not an easy travel. To get there, you would need to bring out your adventurous side as you travel from one place to another to reach your ultimate destination.

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Canigao Island Overnight

Since there is no hotel or villa available, the types of accommodation to expect are cottages (nipa huts or bahay kubo) and tents

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What to do in Canigao Island

There are water activities you could enjoy in Canigao. You could have a nice snorkeling session at the coral fields near the island

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